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Boys’ Bedroom Colours: Ideas and Inspiration

May 13, 2024

As he grows up, your son’s bedroom will become his own personal palace; a space for him to explore his creativity and character and, of course, a place for rest and relaxation. His room should be a reflection of his unique personality, but until he starts to really develop his own interests and style, you’ll have to get a little creative when designing your boy’s bedroom.

While the easy option is to just put blue everywhere – there’s plenty more you can do to make the perfect space for a young lad. With that in mind, let’s explore some boys’ bedroom painting ideas that go the extra mile!


We’ll start with a classic. Blue is universally known as the boy’s colour of choice, and it’s a welcome addition in any boy’s bedroom – but there are so many different shades and styles of blue to choose from.


For babies and toddlers, baby blue is the perfect, aptly-named choice. This is a calming colour that, when paired with light greens and neutrals will create a delightful, playful environment for little ones. Baby blue walls create the feeling of a bright, sunny day even in the coldest months, and while they bring a lot of cute, childlike energy to the room, they can be just as welcoming for older kids and teens when paired with darker, bolder décor.

Dark blues like navy are a more mature, sophisticated tone that can easily see them through adolescence and beyond. A navy feature wall helps brighter décor and neutral-toned children’s furniture stand out. You don’t want your son’s room to be too dark and brooding, but navy is a great way to add a touch of luxury to a vibrant, bright space. It pairs brilliantly with bright colours like mustard yellow, fluorescent greens, bright pinks and deep reds to create a bit of vivid contrast.

Meanwhile, cyan blues like aqua, turquoise and teal are super playful and bring so much energy to a boy’s bedroom.

Bright blue and yellow together is a lively combination that makes for a super summery room – the perfect distraction come winter time!



Green and blue is a great team for active children! It’s a combo that works well whether you go for sky blue with forest greens for a sporty, outdoorsy look, dark blue with lime green for a more quirky, spacey feel, or a muted green with a deep royal blue for something more chic – this pairing will bring playful energy to a boy’s bedroom.

Greens also work really well with purple and pink hues for a quirky, creative look, and when paired with yellows they make for an ultra-bright, relaxing and inviting space.

For a look that works just as well for adults as it does in a nursery – and all points in between – go for duck egg green. This is a soothing, serene hue packed with elegance and charm. This colour works for boys and girls alike; for a boy’s room, pair it with any shade of blue in their bedding and décor. Duck egg green walls with a Prussian blue wardrobe alongside an antique white wooden bed with darker teal and white bedding will be a truly timeless look for your boy’s bedroom.


Bright red is a tricky colour for walls as it can be a tad too boisterous when not used in small doses – but there’s certainly plenty of ways to use red in a boy’s bedroom.

If you’ve got half paneled walls, you could paint the bottom half red and balance it out with a more calming beige or white sand tone in the top half. Or, just choose one wall to go red with while keeping the rest as a more relaxing neutral. You just want to make sure not to overdo the bright reds in your son’s bedroom as they need a calm, relaxing environment for good sleep hygiene.


Darker reds offer a more sophisticated look that’s not as brash as a bright red. Maroons and burgundies are classics that can add a bit of stylish character to a boy’s bedroom. These colours work great with warmer hues like berry, mustard yellow, orange and gold – a great backdrop for their growing trophy shelf!

Berry red or auburn paired with silk white wooden furnishing offers great contrast. Add greys and silvers in the styling and you’ve got a classy look that they’ll never grow out of.



Deeper mustard yellows work great for boys’ rooms! Paired with greys, dark blue accent pieces and neutral tones in their furniture and décor, this makes for a slick, modern look for older boys. To bring some more colour into the mix, add deep purple and orange detailing in their cushions and wall art, or go for dark blue and mustard yellow stripes for look that’s sophisticated but still fun and playful.


Purples can give your boy’s bedroom a more sophisticated look. Deep berry tones are a mature look that can still work wonderfully for kids when paired with brighter colours like oranges, yellows and greens in their décor and bedding. Mix warm pinks, purples, orange and yellow to create a dazzling sunrise look!

Purple and grey are another fantastic combo! Go for stately dark grey furniture against an aubergine purple wall for a truly charming look for older boys. Include lots of white details and some lighter greys in their bedding to brighten things up a little.

For more inspiration for your child’s bedroom read our post about boy’s bedroom ideas.

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