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Girls’ Bedroom Colours: Ideas and Inspiration

May 13, 2024

Designing your daughter’s bedroom might seem like a daunting task at first. You want to create a space that brings them joy and comfort, while ensuring it’s got a calming atmosphere to encourage healthy sleeping!

While they’re young, it can be tricky to figure out the best look and style for their ever-evolving personality, but at the same time you want their room to be a reflection of their unique character and interests.

Designing a girl’s bedroom is not all about pretty princesses and fairies, it’s about creating a space that celebrates their femininity and gives them the freedom to express their girl power as they grow – whether their favourite colour is pink, blue or otherwise.

Before you even get to finding the best décor and furniture, the first thing you need to think about is the walls! The colour of her bedroom walls will make a huge difference to the look and feel of the space, so let’s explore girl’s bedroom paint ideas that are sure to bring joy to any girl’s room. 


Let’s get started with the most obvious colour for a girl’s bedroom! Pink is perfect to bring a ton of fun and joy into any space – and chances are when you think girly, you think pink.

Deeper pinks are very warming, while lighter pinks are soothing and calm. When going all pink everything, it’s best to have light pinks as the dominant tone and complement it with bright, deep pinks in their bedding and décor.


Pink and white is a simple, elegant pairing that works just well for toddlers as it does for teens. To add some character, go for creamier whites in your furnishing, like a timeless antique white bed beneath gorgeous light pink bedding.

While muted pinks offer a more chic and graceful look; creative, outgoing girls will love bolder, brighter pinks to match their vivid imaginations.

Pink and orange make for an awesome combination; bright and feminine but with a bit of extra character. Adding touches of darker purples to a pink and orange look reminds us of a stunning summer sunrise, making this an energetic colour combination that creates a warm, lively atmosphere.

Pink and purple are a girl’s room classic. Pair deeper pink décor with lighter lilac walls, or on the other hand, faded pink walls with deeper, glittery purple styling offers a more glam look.


Purple is a royal colour, so it can bring some majestic charm to a girl’s bedroom, especially when there’s plenty of gold and silver in their décor too.

Meanwhile, lighter purple hues like lilac and violet are flowery, feminine and relaxing. These calming, friendly tones will help your little one rest peacefully as they’re not overly bright and stimulating while still adding lots of character, so they’re a particularly good choice for nurseries or bedrooms for toddlers and young children.


Cyan tones are less traditional for a girl’s room, but still offer so much whimsical, feminine appeal. Aquas, mint greens, duck egg, turquoise and teal are cyan hues that are packed with character and sure to create an inviting, youthful atmosphere.


These colours also work so well with deeper pinks and purples, so even if you’re worried the walls aren’t quite girly enough, you can more than make up for it in their décor and bedding. We love the look of duck egg walls paired with light pink bedding and antique white furniture for a truly elegant look that they can enjoy for years and years.


Cyan tones tend to be a little more versatile than brighter greens for a girl’s bedroom – but there are plenty of ways to bring green into the mix too!



Green offers a more natural look that’s beautifully complemented by sunlight. Green and pink works so well together; like gorgeous flowers blossoming in a garden, natural green tones are the perfect backdrop to accentuate bright, bold colours without grabbing all the attention.

The pink details stand out as they should, while the green offers a little extra vibrance and fun and provides great contrast for white and neutral furnishing.


Green and purple is another great pairing for a bolder, more animated look.


There’s room for blues in any girl’s room! While blue all over might feel a bit too boyish, lighter blues here and there can give a more natural, airy feel to a girl’s bedroom. Combined with a bright pink and deep purple, baby blue is a delightful colour that helps add a sense of calm to a vibrant space.


Navy and dark blues paired with deep berry colours offer a stylish, bolder look that isn’t too cutesy or childlike.

Light blue and white work just as well together in girl’s rooms as they do in boy’s rooms! While you might pair light blue and white walls and bedding with darker blue details and décor in a boy’s room, teaming blue and white with deep pinks and bright yellows, with plenty of glitter and sequins, will bring lots of femininity to the space.


Berry hues offer a slightly more sophisticated look that’s a little less childlike than brighter pinks and purples. They’re still feminine, but with a more mature, muted tone that works wonderfully as a feature wall for older girls. They add a little bit of opulence but can still be playful and joyful when paired with bright mustard yellows, teals, oranges and purples in the décor.

Think aubergine walls with dark grey wooden furnishing, brighter purple bedding complemented by mustard and orange cushions – perfect for kids who aren’t necessarily ‘girly girls’ but are still in tune with their femininity!


Yellow is the happiest colour of them all, so it’s sure to bring a bunch of joy to your little girl’s bedroom! A vivid yellow will brighten up the space and keep it feeling summery and light even in the darker, colder months. Yellow can also pair well with pretty much any colour – so it’s the perfect backdrop for a rainbow of colourful décor.


We love yellows mixed with deeper purples for a creative, quirky look, or paired with light pinks and baby blues for something a little more understated but still full of fun.


Of course, you might prefer to keep it simple when it comes to the walls and let the styling do the talking. Keeping the walls neutral means it’s a whole lot easier for the room to evolve with their style as they grow up, and you can still add heaps of personality through their furniture, bedding and décor.


You can still play with colour on the walls through decals, artwork and stickers that are easy to remove should they ever decide they’ve outgrown them, or even through coloured lighting that can add an enchanting tint to an otherwise blank canvas.

White walls can open up a space and make a room look and feel bigger and brighter, but one thing to remember when going for neutral walls is that plain white can sometimes appear quite cold and dull. It’s best to go for warmer whites like eggshell or creams that are still muted but don’t take away from the character and energy of the room.

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