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Girls' Bedroom Ideas & Inspiration

May 13, 2024

Designing your daughter’s bedroom should be an exciting, creative task – it’s not something to get stressed over! If you need girl’s bedroom ideas, there are so many brilliant themes and colour schemes that they’re sure to love. 

Ideally, you’d want to go for a look that you know will last, but the most important thing is to create a space that they can truly call their own, one where they’ll doze off feeling comfortable and happy! 

Let’s explore a variety of cheerful themes that are perfect for a bedroom for girls!

Full of Floral

A floral room for girls is a great idea because pretty flowers are timeless. This is a theme that can easily take them from toddler to teen, and one that they’ll absolutely love to come home to even after they’ve fled the nest.

You can pretty much choose any colours to work around a floral room, and the options are endless when it comes to art and décor. You’ll find beautiful flower designs for their beddingwall artaccessoriesrugs – just about anything you need to decorate their room.


For their walls, you can go for bright colours, go for a neutral and let the colourful flower décor take the spotlight, or go all out with a captivating floral mural or wallpaper.

You can go for the illustrated, childlike flowery look for a cute and cheerful atmosphere, or opt for more realistic floral art and design for something for elegant and sophisticated; either way, your little one will be over the moon with a flower-filled bedroom! 

Fairy Tale Wonderland


A fairy tale-inspired bedroom for girls will be an enchanting, animated space for them to explore their imagination and creativity.

Create a fantasy wonderland that’s bright and colourful and filled with sparkling details. You could keep the walls simple and liven things up with their accessories, or paint a beautiful mural with a princess’ castle and a bright blue sky that will make them feel like they’re stepping into a Disney film every time they enter the room!

Go for lots of shine and sheen in their bedding, and some glimmering fairy lights are essential! Add floral details, lots of butterflies and stars and plenty of magical accessories like a star rug.

They’ll need lots of space for dress-up and roleplay, so a cabin bedmid-sleeper or high-sleeper bed will be a great choice for young princesses. An elegant love heart toy box is essential for all their favourite costumes and toys!

Superhero HQ

Superheroes are all the rage for girls and boys alike – and a superhero-themed bedroom for your little one will bring so much excitement to their special space! Whether they dream of being Wonder Woman or they’re an Avenger-in-the-making, you can style their bedroom around the look of their heroes, or go for a classic comic book look for a cheerful, energetic bedroom for girls.

Go Glam

Little fashionistas will adore a bedroom that’s all things glam. Think bold colours, sparkly lights, and plenty of glitter as far as the eye can see!

To avoid the dreaded ‘floordrobe’ – which is sure to be likely if they love to play dress up – a glam room needs a big, gorgeous wardrobe that they can love from their younger years well into their teens. A floor mirror is always handy, and a dressing table is a must once they start exploring their make-up skills. Look out for storage solutions with lots of drawers for all their accessories, shoes and so on.

Pinks, deep blues and purples contrasted with whites and some black accenting is perfect for a glam room – and we love the look of glittery gold and silver wall stickers and prints up on the walls.  

Under the Sea

The nautical bedroom is a classic theme for kids, but you can take it even further – or should we say deeper – with an under the sea bedroom! Create a space for your little mermaid that feels like an underwater paradise. Go for bright blue walls with plenty of colourful fish stickers and decals – or take it up a notch with a dazzling under the sea mural!

While blue is of course essential, you can fit just about any colour into a wondrous aquatic-themed room. Plenty of cuddly, colourful soft toys of their favourite undersea creatures is a must! Look out for beach-inspired décor like woven storage bags and choose sandy neutrals like taupe and antique white for their furniture.

Sparkling lights and glow in the dark details will give it a real deep-sea feel, and look out for iridescent art to put up on the walls.

The Artist’s Studio


Creative girls should have a room that can inspire them to let their imaginations run free! If they love arts and crafts, you can create a space that encourages creativity with lots of variety in terms of colour and patterns.

As they create more masterpieces, put them up on the walls! They’ll find that by having their own creations proudly on display, they’ll be motivated to do even more.

You can go crazy with a room for young artists – mixing patterns like polka dots, stripes, zig zags and so on, and you can fit in every colour of the rainbow in their décor and furniture! If you’re going for patterns on the walls, it’s a good idea to keep at least one side plain so you can hang up plenty of artwork and let it stand out; their colourful creations may get lost on wall of rainbow polka dots.

The most important thing for an artist’s studio room for girls is to make sure they’ve actually got space to create. Consider a mid or high-sleeper bed to maximise floor space, and put a table underneath that can become their own personal art station. Look for wardrobeschests of drawers and storage units with plenty of different sections and compartments so they keep all their arts and crafts supplies organised and tidy.

Keep it Simple

While a themed room is an awesome idea for young ones and a great way to give them a space you know they’ll cherish, you might prefer to just keep it simple. The downside of a fully on-theme room is that if they ever decide they’re not into it any more, you may have to start from scratch.

My going for a neutral look in their walls and furniture, you’re giving yourself and your little one more freedom to transform the space using accessories and décor without being limited by a specific colour scheme or subject.


Perhaps they’re just as obsessed with space and dinosaurs as they are with fairies and flowers – so keeping the design of the room simple means they can decorate it with a little bit of everything they love.

As they grow and their interests evolve, it’s simply a matter of swapping out that polka dotted bedding and redecorating the shelves – much easier than repainting the walls!

For a minimalist room, look out for timeless, graceful furniture pieces in versatile neutral colours. You’ll need plenty of storage space if you want to really give it that tidy minimalist look, so look for wardrobes and chests of drawers with lots of different sections to keep the mess hidden.

You can still bring a bit of colour on the walls, but go for lighter, muted tones instead of bold and bright. Think faded pinks, duck egg greens, creams and beiges. If you want to stick with neutrals, go for a slightly warmer, more inviting shade like an eggshell or antique white.

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