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What is a Trundle Bed?

May 13, 2024

If your child is shaping up to be quite the social butterfly, it’s absolutely essential you’ve got a plan in place for sleepovers! Forget the unsightly and tedious blow-up mattresses; with a comfy, practical trundle bed, you can be sure they’ll be known as the ultimate sleepover host as Trundle beds are the ultimate children’s sleepover beds.

What Does Trundle Mean?

Also known as truckle beds, trundle beds take many forms, but their purpose is pretty much always the same – to act as a spare bed. To trundle typically means to move slowly on wheels, so trundle beds unsurprisingly come with wheels. That means they can be brought out when guests are over, but are easy to hide away when you need the extra space.

While a bunk bed is a great solution for siblings sharing a bedroom, getting a bunk bed just in case of guests means you’re taking up precious space for something you’ll only need every now and then. Futons are a versatile option as they can be folded into a chair when not being used as a bed, but trundle beds are truly the most space-conscious solution.

Trundle beds are low beds on wheels that can be easily tucked beneath a full-sized bed, so you can fully maximise the space in your child’s room.

What is a Trundle Bed Used For?

While they shouldn’t be used as a regular bed every night, trundle beds are absolutely perfect for sleepovers with friends or visiting family members. You might even find it useful for big siblings and little siblings to have their own stay-at-home sleepover parties! Little ones will love feeling like a big kid by hanging out with their older brother or sister in their room and staying over on the trundle every once in a while!

Trundles aren’t just great for overnight guests, though. If you’d like – you could even use a trundle as an extra storage solution! Without the mattress, a trundle is essentially a large underbed drawer – which can be the perfect place for extra beddingblankets, or even a new home for their favourite soft toys.

Trundle Bed Options

While you may choose to go for a standalone trundle bed and mattress to slide under your child’s existing bed – there are plenty of options that offer a main bed and trundle in one!

Daybeds are a truly adaptable, elegant addition to any growing child’s room. The daybed itself can double as a cosy sofa for reading and relaxing by day and a snuggly bed for night. Plus, if that’s not multi-functional enough, all Aspace daybeds come with a trundle underneath! That means you get a sofa, a main bed, and a guest bed all in one whimsically designed, timeless piece.

Your kids can use the daybed as a sofa for movie night, and when bed time rolls around, the trundle can roll out with ease.

You might even consider a high sleeper with a daybed and trundle underneath – so sharing siblings have their main beds and there’s still plenty of space for guests!

What Size is a Trundle Bed?

Trundle beds come in all shapes and sizes – but it’s best to find one that roughly matches the size of your child’s main bed so that you’re sure it can be easily slid underneath. You can expect a single trundle bed and trundle mattress to be perfectly sized to fit under a single bed, and the same goes for twin, double, and so on. Because they’re lower and need space to slide beneath the main bed, trundle beds require specific trundle mattresses.

At Aspace, it’s easy to match the perfect trundle and trundle mattress with the perfect bed. All of our trundles are designed with the same colour varieties and finishes as our regular beds, so they blend seamlessly into your young one’s gorgeous bedroom. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect match, just ask us – our experts are happy to help!

For more info, check out our guides to children’s mattress and bed sizes and finding the best mattress for kids.

Trundle Bed FAQs

What is the point of a trundle bed?

Trundle beds are designed as a space saving solution for spare/guest beds that can be neatly slid under a regular bed when not in use.

Can Adults Sleep on Trundle Beds?

Adults can sleep on trundle beds from time to time – though this will of course depend on the size of the trundle, and the size of the adult!

Trundle beds from Aspace are slightly smaller than a standard single bed mattress.

Are Trundle Beds Comfortable?

Trundle beds can be super comfortable! It really comes down to who makes it, and the trundle mattress you choose. They shouldn’t be used every night as a regular bed – but trundles are perfectly fine for occasional guests. All trundles and trundle mattresses from Aspace are designed with comfort, style and practicality in mind. 

Are Trundle Beds Dangerous?

If used as a guest bed, trundle beds are perfectly safe. They are not designed to be used every night as a regular bed.

Do Trundle Beds Need a Special Mattress?

Yes, trundle beds need specific mattresses as they must be able to fit nicely under a regular bed. Read our guide to children’s mattresses, and explore our range of trundle mattresses at Aspace. 

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